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Testing the type of blood group


Blood is classified into several groups, called blood groups. These groups are determined by the presence or absence of certain molecules on the cell membrane of the red blood cells. These cell membranes are also called antigens and are macromolecules. A molecule is called a macromolecule when it has a relatively high molecular mass, this is generally when the molecule consists of more than 1,000 atoms. Knowing your blood type, for example, is important when getting a blood transfusion.

Blood group determination (ABO + rhesus) consists of two variables: the blood group and the rhesus factor. There are four different blood types and this AB0-rhesus blood group typing test from the Medical Tester can be used to determine whether someone has blood type A, B, AB or 0 (zero). In addition to the type of blood group, it determines whether the rhesus factor is present or not. 

Specific proteins (“antigens”) on red blood cells determine what type of blood type you have. The most important antigens are the A and B antigens. A person can have antigen A (blood type A), antigen B (blood type B), antigens A and B (blood type AB) or no antigens A and B (blood type zero) on their red blood cells. Against the antigen that is not present on a person’s blood cells, the immune system naturally makes antibodies. So someone with blood type B automatically makes antibodies against antigen B, someone with blood type AB makes no antibodies against antigens A or B, and someone with blood type 0 makes antibodies against both antigens A and B. Knowing which antigens you make antibodies against is important during blood transfusions. When someone receives blood with an antigen that person has antibodies to in the blood, the blood starts to clump together.

What is the Rhesus factor?

The rhesus factor can be negative or positive. Antibodies in the blood against the rhesus factor do not occur naturally. Someone who is rhesus negative must first come into contact with rhesus positive blood before antibodies against rhesus are produced. This happens in most cases during the pregnancy of a rhesus-positive child or a blood transfusion. 

Blood Group Test

The Medical Tester offers a blood type test that allows you to test for yourself what type of blood type you have. Klik here For the blood group test offered by Medical Tester.