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Blood type self-test from The Tester

In some cases, it can be vital to know what blood type you have. Are you curious which blood type you have and are you looking for a self-test to determine your blood type? The blood type self-test from The Tester tells you what blood type you have after only 40 seconds! The self-test is convenient to use, reliable and quick to perform.

Why do a self-test?

It is important to know what blood type you have, because in some situations this information can be vital. It is therefore convenient to do a self-test so that you can be sure of your blood type and use it to prevent life-threatening situations. For example, think about blood transfusions. It is also useful to know your blood type in case of following a special (blood group) diet.

How does the blood group test work?

The self-test tells you your blood group after 40 seconds. In addition to the ABO group, the self-test also determines the rhesus factor, which is always either positive or negative. The test comes complete and you can perform it yourself completely at home. All you need is a little water and four drops of blood. The test comes with comprehensive instructions so you can read step by step exactly how the self-test works.

The advantages of the self-test at a glance

– Reliable (CE certified!)
– Anonymous
– Easy to perform
– Results after 40 seconds
– Ordered on working days, is delivered tomorrow

What types of blood groups are there

Everyone’s blood type is determined hereditarily, and indicates which category the blood belongs in. The most common and well-known blood groups are A; B, AB and O. These blood groups fall under the ABO system.

Explanation of ABO blood group determination

When do you have which blood group of the ABO group? Your blood group is hereditary and the blood group scheme is as follows:

Blood type A – on the red blood cells in this blood group is a protein also called antigen-A.
Blood type B – on the red blood cells with this blood type is a protein also called antigen-B.
Blood type AB – on the red blood cells in this blood type are both proteins called antigen-A and antigen-B.
Blood type O – there are no proteins on red blood cells in this blood group.

In the body basically only the antigens occur against the blood group they themselves do not have. The blood plasma may contain one, both or no antibodies to antigen-A and antigen-B. The most common blood group in the Netherlands is blood group O at 47%. Blood type A occurs in 42% of people, blood type B in 8% of people and blood type AB in 3% of people.

Explanation rhesus factor

The rhesus factor is a protein that can be found on the surface of red blood cells. This factor ultimately determines your blood type. There are two possibilities for the rhesus factor:

– You are rhesus positive: this means that the rhesus factor does sit on the red blood cells.
– You are rhesus negative: this means that the rhesus factor is not on the red blood cells.

Positive or negative, this too is hereditary. For blood transfusions, for example, it is important to know what hereditary characteristics you have. For example, are you receiving blood from someone who is rhesus positive and you are rhesus negative? Then your immune system will automatically produce antibodies, causing a life-threatening immune reaction. A rhesus negative patient should also always receive rhesus negative blood.

All in all, it is therefore wise to do a self-test if you do not yet know your blood type. With the Tester, you can easily get a self-test at home. With the self-test you will have fast and reliable results and you will not have to leave your house to do so!

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Blood group self-test

You apply blood to the test circles by means of a finger prick. Based on the absence and/or presence of agglutination (clotting together), it is determined which blood group you have. This method of determining a blood group is used worldwide.

You apply the blood to a test card. You can determine which blood group you have on the basis of the test card and the results overview in the package leaflet. You can let the test card dry after performing the test. You can also add your blood group, your name, address and possibly your passport photo. Then the whole can be sealed with the supplied adhesive film and you have your personalized blood group card at hand.

For a complete and extensive description, please refer to the package leaflet of the  test, read it carefully before using the test.


Blood group self-test

Looking at sensitivity and specificity, the reliability values of the blood group self-test are very high. In addition, the test is also CE certified.

The sensitivity of a medical test is the percentage of true positive results among sick persons.

Sensitivity = 100%

The specificity of a test is the percentage of true negative test results among non-ill persons.

Specificity = 100%

Content of the test

Blood group self-test

1x User manual
1x Leaflet
1x Aluminum bag with test cassette
1x Fingerstick
1x Pipette
1x Mixing sticks
1x Masking film
1x Plaster


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