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Cat Allergy Self-Test

Are you experiencing sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, a runny nose, nasal congestion, skin rash, asthma, or difficulty breathing after being exposed to cats? These are typical symptoms that occur with a cat allergy. With the Cat Allergy Self-Test from De Medische Tester, you can find out within 10 minutes whether you have a cat allergy. The self-test has the following features:

  • Easy to perform
  • Reliable (CE certified)
  • Instant result
  • Ordered on weekdays, delivered tomorrow

A cat allergy is an immune system hypersensitivity reaction to certain proteins present in cat dander, urine, and saliva. These allergens are dispersed in the air and can cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

The Cat Allergy Self-Test from De Medische Tester is a simple, safe, and accurate tool for detecting high levels of allergy antibodies called immunoglobulin E (IgE) specific to cat allergens in the blood. High IgE levels are associated with an increased susceptibility to cat allergies.

The cat allergy self-test has been developed to provide you with peace of mind and clarity in identifying a possible allergy. It is important to identify your allergy so that you can take appropriate measures to reduce symptoms and improve your quality of life. By avoiding exposure to cats and taking preventive steps such as using air filters and hypoallergenic products, you can significantly reduce allergic reactions.

In addition to the Cat Allergy Self-Test, De Medische Tester offers a comprehensive range of self-tests for various allergies and conditions. Our goal is to assist you in early detection of health issues so that you can take the right steps to promote your health and well-being. Our products are carefully selected based on their reliability and ease of use, allowing you to confidently perform the tests at home. Always consult a doctor or medical specialist if you have any doubts or persistent symptoms.

If you are interested in additional information, such as the user manual or test reliability, you can find this information at the beginning of this text under the headings “User Manual,” “Reliability,” and/or “Test Contents.”

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The test requires only a small amount of blood, obtained hygienically with minimal discomfort.

The results of The Medical Tester’s milk allergy test are demonstrably good and comparable to laboratory tests, but no individual method of diagnosing allergy is completely accurate. A parent or other adult should perform the test on children under 16 years of age.

The test can be performed at any time of the year. It is not necessary that you already have an allergic reaction at the time of testing. It is not necessary to stop taking medication before taking the test.


Looking at sensitivity and specificity, the reliability values of the milk allergy test are very high. In addition, the test is also CE certified.

The sensitivity of a medical test is the percentage of true positive results among sick persons.

Sensitivity = 100%

The specificity of a test is the percentage of true negative test results among non-ill persons.

Specificity = 100%

Content of the test

– 1x User manual
– 1xTest cassette in sealed pouch
– 1x Pipette
– 1x Bottle with developer fluid
– 1x Automatic sterile safety lancet
– 1x Alcohol wipe
– 1x Plaster
– 1x Desiccant sachet

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