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Payment options

Providing anonymity to customers is important to The Medical Tester. For this reason, your statement or statement will never show our company name ‘The Medical Tester’. At The Medical Tester you can pay in five different ways. Below the different ways are briefly explained:

It is the most widely used online payment method in the Netherlands. You pay directly through your bank. With iDeal you can pay directly, easily and securely in the familiar Internet payment environment of your own bank.

PayPal acts as an intermediary for online and mobile payments between individuals, online vendors and web stores. Thanks to PayPal, it is possible for The Medical Tester to accept payments worldwide.


Go through the ordering process and download the invoice. Next, we would like to receive the amount due from you on IBAN number: NL 82 INGB 0008 5984 67 in the name of De Tester within 3 working days.


It is also possible to make an appointment at our headquarters in the center of Amsterdam to pick up your test. Please mail to Info@de-medische-tester.nl. Here you can pick up your order and pay in cash.

Immediately after we receive your payment, your order will be processed and shipped.
If you have any questions please contact The Medical Tester customer service at info@de-medische-tester.nl.