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There are many questions regarding home testing. We ask that you first review the frequently
questions below before calling customer service for assistance.

Medical test results

The result is determined within a few minutes after you take the test. 

A negative test result means that there is currently no evidence of infection. This only applies if the test was carried out after the incubation period of the infection. If this was not the case, we recommend repeating the test at a later date.

A positive test result means that there is an infection. It is important that you seek treatment for this infection. To do this, contact us to agree on the best possible treatment. 

The self-testing of The Medical Tester

The self-tests of The Medical Tester are based on the latest scientific methods to determine your diagnosis. Our tests are CE-certified and have an accuracy of more than 95%. They are therefore very accurate. Moreover, all our tests are developed and produced within the EU.

Not all health-related pages on the Internet are reliable sources of information. So you need to be careful about what you can trust. A health test is much more accurate than just googling symptoms.

If you have any doubts about your health, performing a self-test can give you detailed information about your health problem. Often health problems are not taken seriously and symptoms are ignored. With the self-tests from The STD Tester, you can check your health independently and comfortably from home. Even with your family planning, our tests can help you.

No, the implementation of our self-tests is easy to understand. All self-tests come with a detailed manual to help you with the implementation. All tests can be performed alone and without outside assistance. They are simple, fast and highly accurate and designed to be performed comfortably from home.

If you have ever had a regular mosquito bite, it is similar. So, it’s not painful. The least painful is the side of the middle or fourth finger. There are fewer nerve endings there. Make sure your fingers are warm and massage your finger for a few seconds before doing the test.

If you have a positive result, we recommend that you see your doctor to discuss the next steps about your health and whether further treatment is required.

Persistent symptoms may have different causes. For example, the symptoms may be due to another cause. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor immediately.

No, this is not problematic. The colors can be different. It also doesn’t matter which line is stronger. Even a weak 2nd line (dot) indicates a positive test result.

All Medical Tester products are shipped with bpost priority mail. Ordered before 22:00 is the next day in house. 

No problem, you can add your desired delivery address during checkout.

Privacy & Anonymity

Anonymity is an important issue for The Medical Tester. Therefore only the minimum required data are requested such as : your name, date of birth, gender your postal address (this to be able to send the package) and your mail address and phone number to confirm your order. These data will only be used to ship your order and will be deleted 2 weeks after your order is placed. Unsolicited mail or sharing of data is never done without permission.


Packaging & Sending the medical test

Anonymity for our customers is a very important issue for The Medical Tester. Therefore, our goal is to offer the tests as discreetly as possible. We do this by sending the packages in a blank envelope. On this envelope there is no logo or company name, only your name and address.

It is possible to pick up the test at our warehouse. Please contact us to make an appointment. 

Your order will be delivered within 1 business day when the order is placed. You will receive an email from us containing the track and trace details of your shipment once the package has been dispatched. If you have not received track and trace check your spam box or contact us1