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Fungal nail laser


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Fungal nail laser

Fungal nails or fungal nails are very common and are caused by a fungal skin infection. It looks unkempt, is very contagious and very annoying because fungal nails are often stubborn and difficult to heal. Have you already tested all home garden and kitchen remedies, or even tried a painful laser pedicure or medicines and all this does not help? Then this fungal nail laser device is the solution for you!

This newly developed laser device has the best portable laser technology to safely remove unwanted fungal and fungal nails. It uses gentle laser and blue ray technology that targets and kills the infection, stimulating and accelerating healthy nail growth. It is a one-time investment that can be used repeatedly over time to remove and keep away the fungal and fungal nails. It is lightweight, safe, efficient, painless and simple to use.

How does the Fungal nail laser work?

Squeeze the laser device on the relevant fungal nail fungus and press the start button. From this moment the 7 minute laser treatment starts. You do not need to keep a timer for this, when the 7 minutes are up, the treatment will stop automatically. Then do this for all fungal fungal nails. Repeat daily and you will see a visible difference in just a few weeks. Battery empty? Then fully charge it to be able to use the device again for 3 to 4 hours.


•Fast and effective result. With just 7 minutes of treatment per affected nail, you can see incredible results within weeks with this antifungal laser. No other treatment delivers the same reliable results.
• Can be used for hands and feet.
•The 7 minute treatment is completely safe and painless. You will not have any side effects or other complaints after this.
•The device is small and lightweight, making it ideal to take with you on a trip. This way you can continue the fungal nail treatment at all times.
• You save time and money on doctor’s appointments and expensive and painful appointments at a beauty clinic.
•A full battery lasts for 3 to 4 hours.

Package content:

1x laser device white
1x charger
1x instruction booklet
Comes in storage box

Features Fungal nail laser

● Save a lot of money on doctor visits.
●Easy to operate
● Quick to absorb and very effective
●Incredible results within weeks of use
●Super portable and compact design
● Extremely light and compact size factor to wear.
● Rechargeable Batteries
● very energy efficient
● Cold laser treatment for home use!

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