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Helicobacter Self Test


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Helicobacter Self-Test

Do you have pain in the stomach area, or do you suffer from nausea, bloating in the abdomen, chronic cough, swallowing problems and/or dark stools? The Helicobacter pylori bacterium is the most common cause of these symptoms. You can check whether this bacterium is present in you by means of the Helicobacter self-test from De Medical Tester.

– Reliable (CE certified)
– Easy to do
– Equal result
– Ordered on working days, delivered tomorrow

Helicobacter pylori occurs naturally in the stomach of most people and also has beneficial properties. Until recently, people often contracted an infection at a young age. Not only does going through a Helicobacter infection protect against reinfection, it also means that asthma occurs less often. The bacterium Helicobacter pylori  is found in more than 11% of people with stomach complaints.

This Helicobacter self-test  is a rapid test for home use to detect the presence of antibodies against Helicobacter pylori in whole blood. Therefore, this test is intended to aid in the detection of Helicobacter pylori infections through the presence of specific anti-IgG antibodies in a whole blood sample.

If you are interested in additional information, such as the instructions for use or the reliability of the test, you can find this information at the beginning of this text under the heading “Instructions for use”, “Reliability”, and/or “Content of the test”.

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  1. Open the sealed pouch and remove the test cassette. Place it face up on a clean, dry and flat surface.
  2. Massage and clean your fingertip using the alcohol wipe. Now let the arm hang next to the body for a few minutes to improve the blood circulation in the fingers.
  3. Press the automatic lancing device with the circular opening firmly against the clean fingertip and wait for a drop of blood on the finger.</ span>
  4. Open the plastic container and carefully remove the glass capillary tube. Hold the glass capillary tube horizontally against the blood drop on the finger until it is completely filled.
  5. Place the filled glass capillary tube in the solution vial and screw the cap back on. Mix the contents of the vial by gently turning it upside down several times until the blood from the glass capillary tube is mixed with the solution in the vial.
  6. Pick up the transfer pipette and hold it horizontally in the bottle so that the transfer pipette fills.
  7. Add 3 drops from the transfer pipette to the test cassette (S).
  8. Read the result 10-15 minutes after adding.

For a complete and extensive description, please refer to the package leaflet of the test, read it carefully before using the test.


The Helicobactor self-test is CE certified.

Looking at the sensitivity and specificity, the reliability values of the Helicobactor C test are high.

The sensitivity of a medical test is the percentage of true positive results among sick persons.

Sensitivity = 94.03%

The specificity of a test is the percentage of true negative test results among non-ill persons.

Specificity = 97.39%

Content of the test

– 1x User manual
– 1x Test Cassette in a sealed pouch
– 1x Pipette
– 1x Glass capillary tube in a container
– 1x Bottle with buffer to dilute the sample
– 1x Automatic sterile lancet
– 1x Alcohol wipe

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