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With De Medische Tester’s Calprotectine Self-Test, you gain insights into potential inflammations in your intestines. Calprotectine serves as an indicator for chronic intestinal inflammations such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. The presence of this protein in your stool can signal the severity of the inflammation.

– Easy to perform
– Reliable (CE certified)
– Immediate results
– Order on weekdays, delivered the next day

The Calprotectine Self-Test can provide indications of the intensity of an inflammation in the digestive system, helping to identify symptoms like abdominal pain, diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, or the presence of occult blood in the stool.

How the test works

Order the test on weekdays before 4:00 PM for same-day shipping.
Collect your sample at home using the provided kit.
Wait for the results of the self-test and follow the included instructions.
Within minutes, you’ll receive your results and recommendations to improve your health.

Understanding your results

Based on the calprotectine value in your stool, you’ll gain insights into the presence and intensity of a potential intestinal inflammation. You will also receive personalized lifestyle recommendations to reduce symptoms and improve your health.

Why choose De Medische Tester

Our team of dedicated professionals strives to provide you with a reliable, practical, and secure self-test. With our results, you can further optimize your health. Do you have questions? We’re here to help.

If you are interested in additional information, such as the user manual or the test’s reliability, you can find this information at the beginning of this text under the headings “User Manual”, “Reliability”, and/or “Contents of the Test.”

On the following pages, you will find our complete range of offerings.


When it comes to sensitivity and specificity, the reliability values of the Calprotectine test are high. Additionally, the test is also CE certified.

The sensitivity of a medical test is the percentage of accurate positive results among sick individuals.

Sensitivity = 95%

The specificity of a test is the percentage of accurate negative results among healthy individuals.

Specificity = 95%

Contents of the Test

– 1x User Manual
– 1x Test Cassette in a sealed pouch
– 1x Sample Collection Applicator
– 1x Buffer Bottle

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