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Prostate PSA Auto-Test


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Prostate PSA Auto-Test

This test is designed to help men detect early signs of prostate cancer by measuring the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in the blood. With a few simple steps, you can now check your PSA levels in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The Prostate PSA Auto-Test from De Medische Tester has the following features:

  • Reliable (CE certified)
  • Easy to perform
  • Equivalent result
  • Ordered on weekdays, delivered the next day
  • Anonymous shipping

Who is the Prostate PSA Auto-Test suitable for?

The Prostate PSA Auto-Test is suitable for men aged 50 to 74 with an average risk of prostate cancer. If prostate cancer runs in your family or if you are considered to be at high risk, you may consider taking the test before the age of 50.

When should the Prostate PSA Auto-Test not be performed?

The Prostate PSA Auto-Test should not be performed if a man has recently undergone any of the following activities that can increase the level of PSA in the blood:

Cycling/exercise test: wait 24 hours
Ejaculation: wait 24 hours
Prostate massage: wait 2-3 days
Transrectal ultrasound: wait 2-3 days
Cystoscopy: wait 1 week
Transurethral resection of the prostate/biopsy: wait 4-6 weeks

It is therefore recommended to wait the recommended time before performing the Prostate PSA Auto-Test to obtain accurate and reliable results.

If my result is positive, does this mean I have prostate cancer?

No, a positive result does not necessarily mean that you have prostate cancer. However, a high level of PSA in the blood can indicate changes in the physiological state of the prostate. It is important to know that a high level of PSA can also be caused by factors other than prostate cancer, such as inflammation or an enlarged prostate. If you have a positive result, it is therefore advisable to discuss this with your family doctor and undergo further medical examinations to determine the cause of the elevated PSA level.

Instructions for use

  1. Open the sealed package and remove the test cassette. Place it face up on a clean, dry, and flat surface.
  2. Massage the tip of your finger and clean it with the alcohol wipe. Let the arm hang down alongside the body for a few minutes to improve blood flow to the fingers.
  3. Press the automatic lancet with the round opening firmly against the clean fingertip and wait for a drop of blood to appear on the finger.
  4. Open the plastic container and carefully remove the plastic pipette. Hold the pipette against the drop of blood on the finger until it is fully filled.
  5. Drop the blood into the sample well of the test cassette.
  6. Add 3 drops to the sample well of the test cassette.
  7. Read the result 10-15 minutes after adding.

For a complete and detailed description, please refer to the test user manual, read it carefully before using the test.


The Prostate PSA Auto-Test is CE certified.

Regarding sensitivity and specificity, the reliability values of the Prostate PSA Auto-Test are high.

The sensitivity of a medical test is the percentage of correct positive results among sick people.

Sensitivity = 94.03%

The specificity of a test is the percentage of correct negative test results among non-sick people.

Specificity = 97.39%

Test contents

  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Test cassette in a sealed pouch
  • 1x Pipette
  • 1x Bottle of buffer to dilute the sample
  • 1x Automatic sterile lancet
  • 1x Alcohol wipe
  • 1x Band-aid

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